Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Wishlist =)

For my secret santa and anyone else hehe :-)

Canon - PowerShot SX30IS 14.0-Megapixel Digital Camera (

Classic brown uggs (Macys)

Classic grey uggs (Macys)

Premium Professional Kit with Brush Roll (

Synthetic Face Kit (

Complete Pink Kit with Brush Roll (

MAXBag in Noir (

Sigma Pro Brush Belt - Black (

Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume 3 (Sephora/Ulta)

Urban Decay Naked Palette (Sephora/Ulta)


Friday, December 10, 2010

Letter To Santa

One day Jayden came home from school and told me that Santa isn't real. A friend told him that someone just dresses up like him and he doesn't even have reindeers. So, I am doing everything to make him believe that Santa is real. Ha ha ha :) To start Christmas off I helped him write a letter to Santa. I was laughing hysterically when he said, "Ummmmm... I want a iphone!" Lol. After he sealed it with a kiss I let him put it in our neighborhood mailbox. I wonder if it brought a smile to the mailmans face hehe. I have something very special planned this Christmas for Jayden. Just wait and see :-)

Off to the North Pole...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Pictures

I've been wanting to take family pictures for a while now and it still hasn't happened. I couldn't wait any longer because their outfits were going to get smaller and their hair was going to grow. I love it when they are baldies. I really wanted Nelson to wear a GQ sweater but he refused to. He's the reason for ruining family picture day. So instead of taking family pictures this is the first time that the boys took pictures without us. I found the most adorable matching outfits for the both of them. Well it's not matching but it has the same color schemes and material. I'm not that happy with the pictures but ohwell I guess. I don't like some of the poses and some of the expressions on their faces. It wasn't perfect like how I imagined it would be. It wasn't suppose to be for Christmas either but the photographer asked me if I wanted Christmas backrounds so I said why not. Jayden and Nathan looked so adorable :) I love the preppy look.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


I'm a big mamarazzi lol. I love taking pictures and capturing moments of my sons lives. I don't just take pictures and post them up on facebook or something. I actually print them all out. I have a million and counting photos for them to look at when they grow older. This is just a piece of the album. My camera held these pictures for the whole year of 2010 until now. I don't know why after every time I print out my photos it's a little bittersweet to delete them off my camera. I can't wait to clear it out but it's hard to let go of the past sometimes. They grow so fast. Well on the bright side there's room for the future! 2011 I'm ready for you :)

Happy Thanksgiving! :)

What am I thankful for this Thanksgiving? Of course you already know I have to say my boys! Jayden and Nathan :) I am so thankful for their life and health. I am thankful for my family and a few close friends. I am thankful for the litte things that we all overlook. Like the bed we lay on and the food on our plate. I am just thankful to be alive and have everyone that I love in my life, except for Daniel. I love the holidays. They make me really happy, but at the end of the day I always wish that Daniel could have been there. I miss him so much! Anyways I'm getting off topic.. on to Thanksgiving. The in-laws celebrated Thanksgiving 2 days before the actual day because everyones scedule was so different. At least we all got to enjoy it together that was the important thing. Nathan kept starring and waving at the huge turkey. Little did he know we was going to gobble it down haha. So today the in-laws side of the family took family pictures. It was a huge family portrait with 4 generations. After pictures was finally over we had a potluck. Mmmm everything was so delish. In the afternoon I headed over to my familys side. Yum yum yum. Can you say FOOD COMA!!! My aunt came into town to celebrate with us and hang out. I'm not that big about Thanksgiving. I'm just big about the food lol! And of course family too. Here are some pictures of today! Happy Thanksgiving to all xoxo

My little man <3

Grandma gave them cupcakes before picture time... GREAT!

Daddy and Nathan

Cousin Anthony and Nathan sharing

Thankful... and blessed =)

I love matching my boys. If ever I find a outfit with both their sizes I get super happy!

Jayden and Nathan with my nephew Kayleb

Kaylee, and my babies Jazleen, Kayleb, Nathan, Jayden and Kylah. Love these little monsters <3

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Senior Portraits!?

Today I helped my cousin Crystal with makeup and hair for her senior portraits. I am not a professional makeup artist yet but I love to practice on various of different people. She wanted a natural look so I went with gold and browns eyes, light pink cheeks and natural lips. I also tweezed and trimmed her eyebrows. I refuse to do makeup with bushy eyebrows lol. I like the eyebrows to be clean because the eyebrows frame the face and makes a big difference. For her hair I curled it wavy and put it in a sidesweep. I like doing hair but I love doing makeup. She looked very classy and elegant. Kind of reminds me of a bride. Here are some before and after pictures.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

In Loving Memory...

I want to talk about someone very special who was a big part of my life. Someone who I will always love. Someone who I miss so badly. His name is Daniel. He was like a father to me, someone who I looked up to. I never had a father growing up and he was the closest there was. My mom and him met when I was 5 years old. Ever since then he became a part of our family. He took us everywhere and bought us everything. He was always there for us. He was literally just one call away. All the times we shared with him were always wonderful. He treated us like we were his own kids. He had the answers to everything. We could talk all day and laugh about everything. I never had a birthday until he threw me one. Never did I have a toy until he bought me one. Never went anywhere fun until he took me. I love him so very much. He means a lot to my family and I. He's the one that taught me how to love my kids as much as I do. The way that he treated us I try my best to be the same towards my kids. No one can ever be as wonderful as he was. I would do anything to go back in time. Just one more day. One more smile on his face. I know that this was God's plan. God knew that it was his time to go. The last time we spent time together I didn't feel like going but something pushed me to. I'm glad I did because that was the last time that I got to spend time with him. A little while after I had Nathan in the hospital. I had no clue he was coming to the hospital. He surprised me with flowers, cards, and a coloring book in case I got bored. He was always so thoughtful and caring. He dropped off my gifts and had to leave but I was happier than ever. September 22nd 2008 the day that Nathan was born would be the last day I see him alive. October 5th 2008 he passed away suddenly. Never seen it coming but I know that God wanted a beautiful rose in his garden. I am at peace with his death because he didn't suffer no pain, he is in a better place, and he is watching over me. He is my guardian angel.

Daniel Elihu Cobb 09/29/40 - 10/05/08
If tears could build a stairway and memories were a lane. I would walk right up to heaven and bring you back again. No farewell words were spoken, no time to say goodbye. You were gone before I knew it, and only god knows why. My heart still aches in sadness, and secret tears will flow. What it meant to lose you, no one will ever know. But now I know you want me to mourn for you no more. To remember all the happy times, life still has so much in store. Since you'll never be forgotten, I pledge to you today. A hallowed place within my heart is where you'll always stay.

A gift Daniel gave me for my 16th birthday. Inside the vase is filled with coins. He never knew what to get for us on our birthdays and he knows that everyone loves money. I'm glad he got me artificial flowers instead of real ones because now I still have my beautiful flowers after all these years. My favorite keepsake ever.

Daniel dropped this off for me when I was in the hospital. He said it meant goodluck. Never will I throw it away. It has sentimental value.

Don't mind the dust it's 2 years old.

These cards that Daniel gave me means alot. These are the cards that he gave to me when I was in the hospital. I know that it tells me to be strong but right after I heard he passed away I took these cards out and read it. I just know that God knew this was coming and I needed to hear these words. It reads, " God bless you at this difficult time."

"May God grant you all the strength you need."

"There's an angel watching over you." - He became mine.

"... to keep you safe and light your way. For you're someone very special who means more than words can say."

After he passed away I got a tattoo of Daniel's handwriting that he wrote himself "I love you" and traced over it and tattooed it on my wrist. I love it because it's so personal and meaningful. I'll always know that he loves me.

Rest in peace Dad I love you and miss you so much.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Some funny things that I have to share with Jayden when he gets older. Kids can be so silly without even knowing it!

ME: Jayden stop being a brat.
JAYDEN: But..... I'm not a barbie doll.

JAYDEN: Mommy what color is this?

ME: Tan.
JAYDEN: Oh, like Hannah Mon(TAN)a!

JAYDEN: Mommy I'm a cowboy!