Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving! :)

What am I thankful for this Thanksgiving? Of course you already know I have to say my boys! Jayden and Nathan :) I am so thankful for their life and health. I am thankful for my family and a few close friends. I am thankful for the litte things that we all overlook. Like the bed we lay on and the food on our plate. I am just thankful to be alive and have everyone that I love in my life, except for Daniel. I love the holidays. They make me really happy, but at the end of the day I always wish that Daniel could have been there. I miss him so much! Anyways I'm getting off topic.. on to Thanksgiving. The in-laws celebrated Thanksgiving 2 days before the actual day because everyones scedule was so different. At least we all got to enjoy it together that was the important thing. Nathan kept starring and waving at the huge turkey. Little did he know we was going to gobble it down haha. So today the in-laws side of the family took family pictures. It was a huge family portrait with 4 generations. After pictures was finally over we had a potluck. Mmmm everything was so delish. In the afternoon I headed over to my familys side. Yum yum yum. Can you say FOOD COMA!!! My aunt came into town to celebrate with us and hang out. I'm not that big about Thanksgiving. I'm just big about the food lol! And of course family too. Here are some pictures of today! Happy Thanksgiving to all xoxo

My little man <3

Grandma gave them cupcakes before picture time... GREAT!

Daddy and Nathan

Cousin Anthony and Nathan sharing

Thankful... and blessed =)

I love matching my boys. If ever I find a outfit with both their sizes I get super happy!

Jayden and Nathan with my nephew Kayleb

Kaylee, and my babies Jazleen, Kayleb, Nathan, Jayden and Kylah. Love these little monsters <3

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