Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween 2010

Like every year Nelson and I take our kids to the zoo. It's starting to get boring there. What made it worse was that it was so packed. The lines were ridiculous and we were impatient to wait for just one piece of candy. Jayden and Nathan did enjoy themselves though. After the zoo we stopped by Saigon to get some pho. I'm a sucker for noodles! On our way home we decided to stop by this house that is always decorated so beautifully every christmas and halloween. As we were walking up to the house it got all dark and we thought no one was home. Someone was hiding in the corner with a scary mask and freaked Jayden out. He loved it though. It was a good laugh. Nelson and I then dropped the kids off at home with Mary and catched up with Jenny, James and their friends at Fright Planet. We went in 4 haunted houses. I was pretty scared so I stayed in the middle and walked fast, hugged and grabbed the closest person near me. This Halloween was lots of fun! Can't wait for next year. I think I might want to throw a Halloween party for the kids.

Boo at the Zoo! =]

Jayden decided for himself that he wanted to be spiderman this year. I tried to change his mind but it wasn't happening.

Nathan loves his Elmo costume but it made him sweat like crazy. It was pretty cozy and fit him snug. His costume was in 18 months because that was the only size that Toys r us had left and he loved it so much. I tried to get him to try on 2 other costumes but he refused to let me. He said NO, NO, NO. I want Elmo!

Jayden and Nathan loved looking at all the snakes and reptiles in the aquarium.

After the zoo we went to Saigon to have dinner. Like the playful boy that he is, Nathan didn't want to stay seated so I had to bribe him with candy to sit still. Of course I had to exchange it for a kiss :)

Even though Halloween is over my kids still love getting into their costumes and playing superheros.

Spiderman made Wolverine cry. I dislike when Nathan cries but this picture was just too cute and funny haha.

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