Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nelson's 21st Birthday

For Nelson's 21st birthday we went to Waikiki Hawaii. I've always wanted to go to Hawaii my whole life. I was so excited! I feel like Nelson has showed me the world I've never seen before. I came from a very less fortunate family and when I met him my whole world changed. Anyways, our flight was 5 stinking hours. It was torture. Our hotel room ended to be bummy and we were very disappointed. We didn't want to let that ruin our trip so we barely stayed at the hotel. We shopped like we were ballers. Even though we're not haha. It was just a spare of the moment thing. We went on dinner cruises, chilled at the beach, sight seeing, shopping, luau, and drove a mo-ped to view all of waikiki. I'll never forget that day it was so hilarious! We had an amazing time. We never have time to focus on our relationship because it's all about the kids, so it was nice to have some "me and you" time again. I missed my kids like crazy. I couldn't wait to go but when I got there I couldn't wait to come back! Sometime in the future we'll bring Jayden and Nathan and make it a family trip :)

Hawaii is beyond gorgeous. Everytime I look at the beach it seems as if I'm looking at a postcard.

I love this picture that I took at the dinner cruise on the boat. Can you see the rainbow?

Dinner at Top of Waikiki. One of the best dinners I have ever had. It was so romantic

We both had the filet mignon

Chocolate fondue for dessert. I'm a sucker for chocolate covered strawberries

After dinner we took a late night walk on the beach. It was so romantic

Happy Birthday Babe! <3

I was in Hawaii! Of course I had to try a coconut drink from a real coconut :)

I found me a sugerdaddy ;)

For Nelson's birthday I surprised him with a Gucci wallet. He had no clue I even got him a gift. I hid it so well hehe. He loved it :)

Having a cup of "sex on the beach" on the beach

The Laua was amazing! The boys and girls knew how to shake it like a saltshaker. I wish I could move like that lol. Might I add, their bodies we're sick!

I hate that damn mo-ped. It looks fun. But, NEVER. AGAIN.

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