Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ladies and Babies Slumber Party

Lisa invited all of the ladies and baby cousins to her house for a sleepover and potluck. There were so many yummy foods. Mmmm, the boys were jealous. We ate, chilled, talked, and sipped on Moscato. Christine brought me a bottle of X-Rated for my birthday and we all had a glass mixed with sprite. My new favorite drink. After some ladies got buzzed we played one of my favorite games, Guesstures. It's so much fun especially with a big group. Nathan refused to sleep over so we ended up going home late at night. I had a good time. I'm starting to warm up and get alot closer to Nelsons family. I'm very lucky because I don't have alot of family and cousins of my own :)

All of the ladies and babies minus Jayden, he didn't want to get in :(

Nathan, Christine, Jenny and I

Jayden, Nathan and their little cousin Anthony playing

New favorite drink! ;)

We cheered to congratulate Jenny Mooc on her engagement

Can you find my hand?

Jayden and Nathan felt left out so we let them cheers with sprite in little sauce cups haha

My team lost in Guesstures. Booo! LOL

Funny pic =]

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