Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nathan's 2nd Birthday

Everytime when Jayden or Nathan's birthday come around I get really excited to plan. It usually takes me about a month to get everything together for that one special day. It was pretty hectic because in September my niece Jazleen's birthday is on the 20th. Nathan's birthday is on the 22nd. Me and Nelson's anniversary is on the 23rd. And my birthday is on the 25th. The dates are all so jam-packed and close together. Nathan absolutely loves Elmo so of course I threw him an Elmo themed party. We celebrated his birthday on Saturday the 18th of September. Alot of family, friends and cousins came to help celebrate. That morning I felt like I was cooking forever. Luckily I had Mary, Kelly, and Karen's help. We made kapoon, bbq chicken, stir fry noodles, hot dogs, hamburgers, steak, chicken feet, egg rolls, fried rice, papaya salad and chocolate fondue. I rented a sno cone machine and a huge obsticle course jumphouse for the kids. The jumphouse was so huge that it couldn't fit in the backyard and could barely fit in the front yard. I also bought some little toys from walmart and dollar tree and used them for prizes in some games that we played with the kids. I'm sure the kids had lots of fun. Nathan didn't nap all day and caught a fever so he was cranky and only wanted to be by my side. I was so busy that I didn't even have time to eat. It was a chaotic but great day! I'm sure Nathan had fun, just that he was feeling a little under the weather with no nap all day. The next morning when he was feeling better he was so excited to play with all his new toys. On his real birthday the 22nd, Nelson and I took him and Jayden to Chuckee Cheese.

Kisses for Elmo

Whenever you watch Sesame Street there's always a Letter and Number of the day. That day it was all about Nathan so it was brought to you by the Letter N and the Number 2!

My little sweetheart

Nathan's cool jumphouse

Thank you for baking cookies cousin Klye

Nathan loved the Elmo treat boxes

The lady at the bakery was sweet enough to let me personalize his Elmo cake. This cake was just for him and everyone else had the cupcake cake

I was so upset with the cupcake cake. Who names their kid Nalhan? I'm sure the lady who wrote the order had bad hand writing

The kids getting ready to play balloon stomp

Jayden playing hot potato with Emily

Some of the kids lining up to play games

Brother Jayden and Nathan

Yummm, sno cones

Even though he's crying, I found it very funny that he couldn't stop eating

Opening presents

Elmo everything!

Nathan's so silly. Elmo's World!

Yeahhh! Birthday $$$

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