Monday, November 8, 2010

A Lovely Day At The Park

The weather today feels so lovely. It is sunny outside with a cool breeze. Someone usually helps me keep an eye on Nathan whenever I go pick up Jayden from school, but no one was home today so I brought him along. I've been wanting to bring my kids to the park before winter comes. So after school we stopped by Vintage Park. Jayden and Nathan were so happy they got out of the car and ran. It's amazing how easily a kid can glow. Sometimes I wish I was a kid again so that I can be stressfree and not worry about a thing. But I would never go back because the smile on my sons faces make everything perfect. I just want my sons to enjoy life while they're still young and do everything I never got to do and have everything I never had. I'm thankful that it was me and not them. At the park Jayden ran everywhere and played everything while Nathan was trying to catch up with his big brother. Nathan loves the swing. If you ask him to get off he will reply NO! It's crazy that Jayden has never sat on the swing. He has always been afraid of falling off so he only goes on the swing with his stomach ha ha ha. Nathan made my day today. Woodchips got on my shoes and he seen it so he knelt down and wiped it off for me. That made my heart melt. Both my kids are so sweet and caring. It's the littlest things in the world that makes me smile :)

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