Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jayden's First Parent Teacher Conference

I was nervous to go to Jayden's parent teacher conference because I don't want to hear someone tell me the imperfections in my child. But the conference came out great. Ms. Hemena is really nice. She told me that Jayden is doing very well in school. He gets along with others. Follows rules. And he is also learning faster than most of the students. He is progressing rather quickly. That made me really happy! I hope he can continue this cycle for the rest of his life. I can see a bright future in him. Whatever he decides to be I will support him 100%. The only bad thing Ms. Hemena told me was that she's surprised he doesn't know his days of the week. He's a pretty smart boy so she thought he would have known. Now I'm constantly asking him what are the days of the week.

That week Jayden was FRIEND OF THE WEEK. He loved it! =)

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