Thursday, November 4, 2010

My 20th Birthday

I seriously feel like I'm not even 20 because I grew up way to fast being a teen mom. I feel like I'm an old soul but a kid at heart. I'm thankful for my sons because they keep me humble and sane. I don't ever regret having them. I just regret having them so young. But you can't regret anything that once made you smile right? Anyways, I celebrated my birthday at Layalinas Hookah Bar and Lounge. Everyone helped out to reserve the whole back room for me which was $250. It was dope! Before we went to the club we pre-partied at the house. I was mixing drinks all night and didn't have anything in my stomach. You already know how that goes. I had an amazing time. I danced the whole night away with my girls. After the club we went to Dennys to grab a bite to eat and I don't remember anything after. I threw up all night and had the worst hangover the next morning. My 20th has been the best birthday so far. I can't wait until next year! :)

I asked everyone to please wear all black so that the birthday girl can stand out. Turned out that the only dress I kind of liked ended up being black.

My yummy red velvet birthday cake. Thanks Kelly =)

Nathan helped me blow out the candles.

Before the club

Wanna come get in the pic?

All the girls. Don't mind me being barefeet. I don't know how to dance with heels on.

I was so happy that Lew and Lia could make it because we don't really keep in touch anymore.


Thanks for the bottle Ken and Sue!

My sister Karen and I

Thanks for the Juicy Jen =)

One of my best friends Vicky! She took care of me that night ;)

Thanks for the Moscato Lisa :)

And thanks for all the gifts and to everyone who came! =)

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